Friday, February 11, 2011

Style contest

Today I got ready to be a runway stage model.  The styling theme tonight was the "tail"  Several girls had their own selections, styles and creations.  I found mine based on Nekolicious Nickie's recomendation  to check the marketplace.  I did and found an entire outfit for one linden.

While I was sitting in he audience Laylah asked why I am not in back.  I said I had not prepared a posing hud.  I bought Anrol's HUD today.  Laylah said to use it.  Off to the runway I traveled, with my "tail behind me.

While watching others being called out, I suddenlt remembered I had a perfect Tail outfit.  My Mardi Gras Costume would  be perfect.  It was too late to grab it, and there is more...

I am still not ready.  My walk looked like a noob(YUCK).  I found a walk called "Mannequin"  Time to bring it back up to the surface and work it, work it, work  it.

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