Friday, February 18, 2011

Decision to Withdraw

For the last two days prior to February 18th, I have not felt well.  I also remembered the intense push I workked to prepare the huddles animator,  Veronica Lynn Parx-Bayn helped mem finally make major steps of forward progress.  I am grateful to her.  Still, it is not quite enough. 

I have missed too many classes and practice sessions.  I want the rest of the class to know I voluntarily removed myself to allow them a chance to pass the final exam and gradiation.

Anrol Anthony explained to me I am not the first modeling student to retake the course.  The CWS modeling and fashion training class has been taken as many as three times.

  Real life pressure to find better employment are beginning to take a toll.  Second Life
is still an awesome virtual world,  In just under 90 days I will celebrate my fourth rezz year.

Good luck to all CWS students in the month of February...

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