Friday, February 18, 2011

Decision to Withdraw

For the last two days prior to February 18th, I have not felt well.  I also remembered the intense push I workked to prepare the huddles animator,  Veronica Lynn Parx-Bayn helped mem finally make major steps of forward progress.  I am grateful to her.  Still, it is not quite enough. 

I have missed too many classes and practice sessions.  I want the rest of the class to know I voluntarily removed myself to allow them a chance to pass the final exam and gradiation.

Anrol Anthony explained to me I am not the first modeling student to retake the course.  The CWS modeling and fashion training class has been taken as many as three times.

  Real life pressure to find better employment are beginning to take a toll.  Second Life
is still an awesome virtual world,  In just under 90 days I will celebrate my fourth rezz year.

Good luck to all CWS students in the month of February...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Late for class, but i missed nothing(this time)

Class for Sunday was to be held at 6 PM this evening. I arrived at 6:30.  Running late, I kept the same gown I wore last night. I applied Secret in all the right places and dabbed perfume in the special places.

Class was empty.  I sent an instant message to Veronica.  She tells me no one showed up(except for me) late of course.  I can  not cut out early from RL work.  Second Life is a superb addition to my life, Real Life is still tops.

Tonight I will prepare early for tomorrows styling event and work on my  model walk.

I will still search for  loaded animation as a time saver to juggle RL and SL

Friday, February 11, 2011

Style contest

Today I got ready to be a runway stage model.  The styling theme tonight was the "tail"  Several girls had their own selections, styles and creations.  I found mine based on Nekolicious Nickie's recomendation  to check the marketplace.  I did and found an entire outfit for one linden.

While I was sitting in he audience Laylah asked why I am not in back.  I said I had not prepared a posing hud.  I bought Anrol's HUD today.  Laylah said to use it.  Off to the runway I traveled, with my "tail behind me.

While watching others being called out, I suddenlt remembered I had a perfect Tail outfit.  My Mardi Gras Costume would  be perfect.  It was too late to grab it, and there is more...

I am still not ready.  My walk looked like a noob(YUCK).  I found a walk called "Mannequin"  Time to bring it back up to the surface and work it, work it, work  it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saturday Fashion Show

February 12th has a fashion show for all to see and us new and almost green models in training participate and report on this fabulous event.

More to Come-stay tuned